3rd Smart City Cluster Workshop

Cluster_3rdmeetingOKThe Smart City Cluster has met on April 9 at Gas Natural Fenosa headquarters in Barcelona to celebrate its 3rd Workshop. The scope of the meeting has been to put in common the different activities done to date, and decide next steps for the Cluster.

More in detail, the main point of the Workshop has been the presentation of primary results of Task 4, in which common methodologies for KPIs have been developed and agreed to be used in all projects. Moreover, the possible participation of the Cluster in standardization organizations and dissemination events has been discussed. In relation to this, the meeting has also provided space for discussion concerning the future organization of Task 6, which will be focused on comparing results between projects and provide feedback to improve the first set of metrics developed by the Cluster.

The Smart City Cluster collaboration, leaded by DC4Cities, is at the moment composed by 7 projects, funded most of them by the Seventh Framework Programme (7FP) of the European Union. All4Green and CoolEmAll, already ended, were also members of this Cluster. EURECA, a recently launched European project focused on environmentally sustainable data center, has also joined the initiative.

These projects are mainly focused on increasing DC energy efficiency, flexibility and their renewable energy consumption. On a workshop held in Brussels last September, members of this Smart City Cluster jointly released new metrics paving the way to that end.

Which projects are currently in the Smart City Cluster? 

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