5th DC4Cities Project Management Board Meeting at INRIA

After reviewing first trials results from phase 1 in Barcelona in February, now DC4Cities partners have met in Sophia-Antipolis, at INRIA research centre, on June 22-23.

The meeting started reviewing next milestones and deadlines at a management level and, after that, a technical overview was given by Giovanni Giuliani, technical coordinator of DC4Cities. Also a recap of phase 2 architecture was presented to the partners.

For 2 whole days, partners have been presenting the current state of the project and next steps to be achieved in the near future. Thus, they’ve been dealing with architecture and integration of DC4Cities systems, metrics support and benchmarks; city energy management and DC federation integration; energy adaptive/constrained software and infrastructure; scenarios and relevant energy metrics; trials, experimentation and validation; standardization, energy metrics and benchmarks; and project management.

Dissemination of DC4Cities project was also put on the table, presenting both what was actually done and what should be improved, especially in regard to social media. As to conclude, Freemind gave a broad analysis on individual partner’s contributions concerning DC4Cities exploitation and next actions to be carried out on this field.

During the two days, partners have also been discussing the requirements towards some future deliverables, concentrating on getting the content ready for next review. Indeed, the meeting served to present to all partners the DC4Cities App, whose objective is to let users know when renewable energy is available to charge their mobile phones. After this App first approach, DC4Cities members in charge of developing it, will focus on its improvement by adding the feedback received during the meeting at INRIA’s facilities to launch a first version as soon as possible.

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