DC4Cities stands in cooperation with the Smart City Cluster, which was created by the EC putting together several EU projects on data centres with the goals to assess methodologies for environmental efficiency metrics for data centres. Collaboration with standardization bodies to establish an internationally recognized set of KPIs, metrics and methodologies for DC behaviour assessment was also an important issue. A short overview about the different cluster projects are listed below:

Cluster Projects

  • DC4Cities
  • GENiC
  • CollEmAll
  • RenewIT
  • Eureca
  • GreenDataNet
  • dolfin
  • All4Green

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GENiC Project aims to develop an integrated management and control system for Data Centres, encompassing all the main energy consumers and producers: computation, data storage, HVAC, electricity generation and storage. The ultimate goal is to improve energy efficiency in Data Centres through a holistic energy management approach.


The goal of CoolEmAll Project is to develop a tool for determining and visualizing heat loads depending on workload condition, and allocating workload in order to operate the Data Centre’s cooling system more efficiently, by avoiding over-cooling server rooms.


This project’s goal is to develop a simulation tool to evaluate the energy performance of different RES integration solutions in different European climate regions for usage through a web interface.


Project EURECA aims to provide a tool to improve decision-making regarding DC procurement, by providing the user detailed information for a cost-benefit analysis and environmental impact for different technical solutions including solutions such as new equipment or outsourcing of workload.


GEYSER project intends to develop a software tool to help Data Centres become energy prosumers in a Smart City context, enabling better integration of DCs as a Smart Grid participant, not only a consumer.


This project is aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of growing data traffic, while using data centres as Smart Grid nodes, through smart energy management at server, rack, data centre and DC network levels. GreenDataNet includes efficiency measures (IT, cooling and storage), and local RES integration and storage


The main goals of the dolfin project are to improve energy efficiency in DCs by optimizing Virtual Machine distribution in servers, and to stabilize the grid using demand response techniques (load curtailment) or even providing energy to the grid from local sources or storage.


The goal of this project is to introduce collaboration between the electric utility and Data Centres in order to allow demand response services by the DC which could avoid consumption peaks (thus decreasing stress on the grid) and better integrate non-manageable renewable energy sources.