DC4Cities among the Prototyping Barcelona projects

DC4Cities has been selected as one of the top-level projects in which the Barcelona City Council is involved, giving DC4Cities the chance to further exploitation. The selection therefore is seen as the first step towards acquiring the Prototyping Barcelona seal, a distinction that lends recognition to the most innovative initiatives of today.

Prototyping Barcelona aims at strengthening innovative projects and services at the pre-commercialization stage, which therefore need a real setting to try out innovations and to learn from user’s interactions. All selected projects, as DC4Cities, must fulfill a series of prerequisites according to whether they improve on something that already exists, offer something new or have a significant impact on the city model. Indeed, their contribution to the city’s growth in terms of economic, social and creative dimensions is also an asset, as well as having a great team managing the project is a key issue for recognition.

As DC4Cities project, that has recently finalized the execution of phase I trials, is clearly working on that direction, the Barcelona City Council found convenient to introduce it as one of the selected projects aspiring to get the Prototyping Barcelona seal. With such an action, DC4Cities enhances recognition and better implementation.

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