DCD converged 2015

DC4Cities in the DCD CONVERGED Madrid 2015

DC4Cities has been represented in the Datacenter Dynamics CONVERGED Madrid 2015, a congress where operators and managers of data center infrastructure and IT strategy have met to exchange specialized knowledge on data centers.

Maria Pérez, Programme Manager at FreemiDCDConverged_Maria_Perez_Ortegand Consulting and DC4Cities’ coordinator, has taken part in the panel called “Green Data Center and renewable energies. A reality or a prospect?, where accompanied by other speakers she has analyzed the most viable renewable alternatives and their uses in the data center sector.

On the infrastructure area, Jordi Guijarro, Operations and System manager at CSUC and DC4Cities trials leader, has talked about energy policies and data centers within the scope of this on-going European project. In particular, Guijarro has presented the state and main goals of DC4Cities, as well as the extent to which the project aims at using data ceDCDConverged_Jordi_Guijarro5nters for energy optimization within and outside the smart city, reducing energy consumption and emissions.

This event, held in Madrid on April 9, is the 8th high-quality conference that Datacenter Dynamics organizes in Spain. DCD CONVERGED Madrid 2015 has counted on 50 different speakers distributed in 35 sessions covering topics as cloud, power and cooling, etc.




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