Energy efficiency data centres at EAI International Conference

SGSC2015_TorontoThe paper entitled “Energy Efficient Data Centres within Smart Cities: IaaS and PaaS optimizations” has been presented at the EAI International Conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities, held on October 13-14 in Toronto (Canada).

The presentation focused in particular on the concept of Service Flexibility Agreement, as an extension of Service Level Agreement (SLA), and on how we can reach this flexibility leveraging on workload management/shift at both IaaS and PaaS level.

Collocated with Smart City 360 Summit 2015, the SGSC 2015 has been dedicated to the role of energy innovation in urban environment, including research and development on sustainable smart city ecosystems. All in all, it has been a great opportunity to learn, share, and collect experiences and best smart grid practices for sustainable urban communities.

SGSC conference focuses on utilizing new ideas and technologies in the field of smart grid to make our urban environment more sustainable, increasing quality of life and efficiency of urban infrastructure, operation, services, and competitiveness while meeting the needs of the present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects in smart cities.

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