Jordi Guijarro introducing WP6.

Reviewers qualify as “excellent” the work within DC4Cities

After 30 months of work, DC4Cities had its final review last April 8 at Gas Natural Fenosa premises in Barcelona, where EC reviewers qualified as “excellent” the work that all DC4Cities members developed within the project. In particular, they congratulated the team for being highly involved in the project, and for the results to which DC4Cities has arrived after two and a half years of research in the field of energy efficiency and flexibility in data centres.

María Pérez, DC4Cities coordinator, opened the meeting with a short overview of DC4Cities project status by the end of third period, shedding light to objectives, milestones and deliverables. Next, Giovanni Giuliani, technical coordinator, introduced the technical details of DC4Cities followed by a sensitivity analysis. Sonja Klingert, from Universität Mannheim, presented the findings from the market analysis, and Jordi Guijarro and Silvia Sanjoaquín took charge of the presentation introducing the activities carried out in the measurement and verification Work Package (WP6). This settled the scenario to talk about trials and experiments in Trento, by Corentin Dupont; Barcelona, by Jesús Martin and Gonzalo Díaz; and Milan, by Roberto Chiappini. Thereupon, Giovanni Giuliani offered a 20 minutes demonstration of DC4Cities application.

After lunch, Marta Chinnici presented standardization results and work related metrics, in which also Silvia Sanjoaquín participated giving an overview of the Smart City Cluster activities. After, was the turn of dissemination, where Wolfgang Duschl (Universität Passau) listed the activities done within DC4Cities and achieved results regarding the communication of the project.

Finally, Maria Pérez closed the final review. First, introducing some details concerning exploitation and the sustainability plan of DC4Cities; and second, reminding recommendations from 2nd review, project consumption figures and project closure tasks.

Although both the project officer and the two reviewers suggested the possibility to write more journals and white papers in order to increase DC4Cities dissemination, they all agreed on the excellence of this project for its contribution to energy efficiency and flexibility in data centres.


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